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Bad Credit Baby

Bad Credit Baby is here to help your solve your debt problems!

Bad Credit Baby - Up To No Good

Bad Credit Baby is mischievous and doesn't always help dear old Ma in the balancing-workload-social-and-financial department. Nor is she very good at all for Mom's very elusive sleep schedule. In fact, BCB is only one soggy diaper away from contributing to dear old Ma's nervous breakdown.

What does Bad Credit Baby do to dear old Ma?

Why does Bad Credit Baby do it? More limber than a woodland sprite, more coy than a seductive pixy cheerleader - BCB likes to rock back and forth in her bouncy swing - suspended from the living room ceiling - offering dear old Ma constant viewing - just in case Bad Credit Baby gets any bright ideas. Quite frankly, dear old Ma is quite incredulous, borderline jaded, at the state of just how expensive it is to provide Bad Credit Baby with all the things she demands.

It's true. If it's not one thing, it's another. Have you any idea how much diapers cost? Diaper bags, baby wipes, pacifiers, blankets, quilts, bottles, bottle tops, formula, breast pumps, booties, headgear, baby food, strollers, car seats, car seat accessories, monitoring devices, cribs, portable cribs, washing basins, cradles, toys, stuffed animals, mobiles, picture books, bibs, burp cloths, baby-specific grooming supplies, rash ointment, changing pads, clothes and more clothes and clothes some more. Baby grows fast.

Dear old Ma gets wise

What's a poor deal old Ma to do with Bad Credit Baby? Well, we'll tell you what this dear old Ma did. She got wise to debt consolidation - as the whole pregnancy-through-birth process drained her of her life savings and then some. What did this accomplish for dear old Ma? The non-profit credit counselors were able to get her a discount on all of her account balances. They then bundled (just like Bad Credit Baby when she is swathed with lotion all rosy and bundled in soft, fluffy blankets) - the credit card balances are - into one easy-to-maintain amount that is further enhanced with the special low reduced interest rate. There is one low payment every month, rather than several payments with various staggering interest rates. At this rate, dear old Ma will be out of debt by the time BCB is in kindergarten. Sound like a plan? Sure, check out your very own version of debt management today, and get ready to save for college! Good times!

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